The managed isolation booking system

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is how travellers to New Zealand get a voucher for managed isolation. You will not be able to board your flight if you do not have a voucher confirming your place in managed isolation.

The system was implemented in October 2020 to ensure all returnees have a place booked in MIQ before they arrive.

We are currently experiencing the highest level of demand since the system was introduced.

Go to the Managed Isolation Allocation System to book your voucher(external link)

Timing of room releases

We begin to release rooms online once airlines have confirmed their flight schedules with MIQ. We aim to start releasing rooms 3 to 4 months prior to arrival dates, with 40% of rooms initially released and the remaining 60% gradually released in batches each month up until arrival date. This timing is dependent on what is happening in the broader COVID-19 environment and is not always possible. We aim to hold 10% of rooms in reserve one month prior to arrival date, and release these 2 weeks before arrival to allow for some last minute bookings and urgent travel.

The specific day and time of room releases varies, to assist people in different time zones and to help manage the number of users on the website at any one time.  

We’re currently working on changes to the Managed Isolation Allocation System that will enable us to alert people that rooms are becoming available, while making sure we don’t overwhelm the system. If the system is overwhelmed, this means no one is able to secure a room.

We also re-release rooms a few times a week as people’s plans change and bookings are cancelled.

Current accommodaton availablility(external link) — Managed Isolation Allocation System

High demand for MIQ spaces

We are experiencing the highest levels of demand and website traffic since the system was introduced, and there is finite capacity within the MIQ system. 

We want everyone who wants to come home to be able to, but we have to do that in a safe, managed way to help stop further spread of COVID-19. For New Zealand, that number is about 4,000 rooms a fortnight. New Zealanders can still come home but they may not be able to travel on the dates they would prefer.

In periods of high demand, some people will miss out on securing an MIQ voucher, regardless of the system that is used.  

People overseas who have been unable to book a place in MIQ and who need to travel urgently can apply for an emergency allocation provided they meet set criteria.

Emergency allocation requests

Future improvements to the system

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is constantly being reviewed and improved to make it easier to use. So far, we’ve made about 200 changes - some are to do with security and system performance, and others are to improve user experience.

If you've made a mistake on your voucher

If you need to update some information on your allocation, such as misspelling a name, email a copy of your voucher and your requested changes to:

Vouchers are non-transferrable - this means you cannot change any details which change the identity of the traveller. This is to prevent creating a secondary market in which vouchers can be traded or sold.

More information

For further help using the Managed Isolation Allocation System, contact the MIQ Service Centre.

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Last updated: 26 November 2021