Secure your place in managed isolation

Travellers are legally required to have a voucher confirming their place in managed isolation before boarding their flight. There are only a small number of exceptions to this requirement (e.g. diplomats).

Note: Securing a voucher does not give you entry permission to New Zealand. The border is currently closed to almost all travellers to help stop the spread of COVID-19. You will need to meet New Zealand's border requirements and hold a New Zealand passport or valid visa to be able to travel to New Zealand.

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Who does not need to use the allocation system to enter New Zealand

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You want to enter New Zealand(external link) — Immigration New Zealand

At particular times of the year or due to particular global events, the Managed Isolation Allocation System may be extremely busy. The system has a finite number of places available and demand often exceeds supply.

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The managed isolation booking system

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is how travellers to New Zealand get a voucher for managed isolation. You will not be able to board your flight if you do not have a voucher confirming your place in managed isolation.

Emergency allocation requests

You can apply for an Emergency Allocation if you have been unable to book your preferred date in the Managed Isolation Allocation System and you meet our eligibility criteria.

Time sensitive travel allocation requests

Time sensitive travel allocation requests are for workers travelling to and from New Zealand to undertake time sensitive tasks in specified areas of work that will have significant consequences if not completed. You can apply if you meet our eligibility criteria and have an endorsement from a Government agency.

Children and young people travelling on their own into MIQ

Unaccompanied children and young people can book their own stay in MIQ via the Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS), or their legal guardian can do this on their behalf.

Group allocations

The group allocation process for MIQ was established in February 2021. All group allocations are decided by the Border Exception Ministerial Group, which is led by the Minister of Immigration, and implemented by MIQ.

Last updated: 22 December 2021