Very high risk countries

New measures are in place for travellers from very high risk countries.

Travel to New Zealand from very high risk countries is temporarily limited to New Zealand citizens, their partners and/or dependent children, and parent(s) of a dependent child where the child is a New Zealand citizen, together with any children of those parents who are not New Zealand citizens.​

Full list of very high risk countries(external link) — Unite against COVID-19

Permitted travellers (identified above) from very high risk countries will be required to provide evidence of a negative nasopharyngeal RT-PCR (PCR) test from a government-approved laboratory, taken 48 hours prior to travel. This will replace the usual pre-departure test requirement in place for high risk countries. Visit the Ministry of Health website for a list of government-approved laboratories for each country.

Travellers from Fiji do not need to get pre-departure tests. This is because it is not easy to access tests and there are delays in receiving results.

Travel from very high risk countries(external link) — Ministry of Health

All other travellers must have been outside a very high risk country for the 14 days immediately prior to travel to New Zealand. Airside transit is allowed through a very high risk country.

MIQ voucher cancellations

If you are not eligible to travel to New Zealand because you are not a permitted traveller (identified above), MIQ will contact you and cancel your voucher. We will not be able to change or re-issue you another one.

If restrictions for very high risk countries are lifted and you are allowed to travel to New Zealand at a later date, you will need to make a new booking in the Managed Isolation Allocation System.

Managed Isolation Allocation System(external link)

Flight cancellations

If you are eligible to travel to New Zealand and your flight is cancelled, we may be able to help you change your MIQ voucher.

We can only consider changing your voucher if your airline cancels your flight, and we receive the correct evidence.

We cannot guarantee we will be able to change your MIQ voucher due to the high occupancy in managed isolation. If we cannot change your MIQ voucher, you'll need to find a voucher for the date of your new flight using the Managed Isolation Allocation System. You'll need to ensure this date matches the flight date you have confirmed. 

Email us with evidence of your original flight and voucher, notification from your airline of your cancelled flight, and details of your proposed new flight.


Humanitarian exemptions

Exemptions for humanitarian reasons may be granted by the Director General of Health. Decisions will balance the risk of a person’s travel to and arrival in New Zealand causing an outbreak or spread of COVID-19, and the impacts of that, against the humanitarian impact on the individual concerned.

Read the process for applying for an exemption on humanitarian grounds from very high risk countries:

COVID-19: Humanitarian exemptions for travel to New Zealand from a very high-risk country(external link) — Ministry of Health

If you have been granted a humanitarian exemption, you will need to check the managed isolation allocation system and obtain a voucher. A humanitarian exemption does not exempt you from the requirement to hold a managed isolation voucher before you fly.

You may be prevented from boarding your flight if you attempt to fly without a valid voucher. If there are no managed isolation vouchers available after your humanitarian exemption has been approved, please check if you meet the criteria for an emergency allocation.

Last updated: 21 December 2021