What to expect in your facility

Managed isolation and quarantine facilities are safe and there is support for you and your whānau (family). These facilities are staffed by a team of health professionals, hotel and government personnel.

The basic services you can expect in a facility

A clean room

Your room is cleaned thoroughly before you arrive. Staff won’t enter your room to clean it during your stay, however some basic cleaning products are available by calling reception.


Your breakfast, lunch and dinner will be delivered to your room. We’ll do our best to meet your dietary requirements but may not be able to accommodate all requests.

You can order deliveries from local shops, supermarkets or through food delivery apps at your own expense. It is safe to drink the tap water.

Laundry and fresh linen

Laundry services are available during your stay. Fresh towels and sheets will be provided on request (these will be left in front of your door). You will be provided specific information sheets when you arrive at the facility with detailed information.

Wi-Fi and telephone

Wi-Fi is free. Instructions on how to connect to Wi-Fi will be provided in your facility specific information sheet on arrival. You can use the phone in your room to call reception, health, wellbeing, and other on-site staff or call your friends or family staying in another room in this facility. This service is free.

You will need to pay if using hotel phone to call someone outside the facility. Talk to staff to know more.

Medical care

A team of health professionals are always available at your facility. The on-site staff will also be able to assist with any medication and prescription requirements.

If you feel unwell, need urgent medical care or are showing COVID-19 symptoms, stay in your room and phone the on-site team (reception, nursing team or the Site Manager).

Translations and interpreters

If you require an interpreter, please talk to the on-site team and they can arrange this for you.

CCTV in MIQ facilities

For your safety, CCTV may be in operation within your facility.

The CCTV cameras are in all public areas and stairwells. Cameras are not installed in any guest rooms.

Your privacy will be protected at all times during your stay.

Smoke alarms

Your room has a smoke alarm to keep you safe. It is an offence to knowingly cause a false fire alarm, and doing so may result in prosecution.

Smoke alarms can be activated by dust, steam, smoke and other fumes and vapours.

You must not:

  • touch smoke alarms
  • smoke, vape or cook in your room
  • overload power points
  • use any flame or heating element not approved by the on-site team
  • place towels or flammable materials on heaters to dry.

Fresh air and smoking areas

You may have access to fresh air and smoking areas in your MIQ facility. Staff will let you know advise you how to book or access these areas.

You can only use the fresh air areas at approved times for light exercises such as walking.

For infection prevention and control (IPC) purposes, exercise which causes heavy breathing may not be permitted and we may limit the equipment which can be taken into the fresh air areas.

We will do our best to provide you access to fresh air areas at least once in a day. There may be times during your stay when you can’t access these areas. This could include when new arrivals or departures are processedWe appreciate your understanding during such events.

Last updated: 01 April 2022