Preparing to leave

Leaving an isolation facility after 14 days.

Leaving an isolation facility after 7 days

Have an exit plan in place

It’s important you are clear about where you will go when you’ve completed your stay. On-site staff will call you to discuss your travel plans during your stay. To assist with this call, we encourage you to start thinking about your departure, where you are going and how you will get there. Refer to Appendix 2 Discussing you travel plans.

Be clear about where you will go next and how you’ll get there

This helps organise your check-out and better support you during your departure. Please help us to contact you in future, if necessary, by ensuring the contact details (email, phone, address etc.) are current and correct. 

Organise your travel

If you live in, or close to, the same city that you are in isolating in, you will need to arrange and pay for your own transport from the facility to your next accommodation.

If you are unable to organise your travel, please contact the on-site staff for advice.

Talk to us if you are unsure of your destination

If you do not have an appropriate destination to go to, please talk to on- site staff who may be able to assist or refer you to Government agencies that can help.

When you leave

Please ensure you have all your belongings with you. Please comply with the public health measures indicated in your departure letter. You are required to wear a face mask while on any public transport including flights.

Please keep the on-site team informed if your accommodation or travel plans change at any stage during your stay.

Please ensure your post-departure contact details are correct. This helps us contact you after leaving the facility for your post-departure health check and continue to keep you and our communities safe.

After you leave the facility

Get to know the COVID-19 Protection Framework

We now have a new traffic light system to manage COVIS-19 in the community.

COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights)(external link) — Unite against COVID-19

Remember to track your movements using the NZ COVID Tracer app if you can. If you do not use the app, use whatever method works for you, like the NZ COVID Tracer booklet. Encourage your family, whānau and friends to do the same.

We recommend you keep track of the 3 Ws:

  • Where you went.
  • When you went there - date and time
  • Who you met.

Monitor your health after you leave

In the week after you leave, the Ministry of Health will contact you to check on your health. They will do this by email, or phone if you have not completed the email survey.

If you have any follow up questions or queries regarding your health or develop any symptoms of COVID-19, please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or your GP.

For any emergencies call 111.

Last updated: 03 December 2021