Smoking and vaping are not allowed in MIQ rooms. Each facility has options for smoking and vaping outside, but you will not be able to leave your room in the first 24 hours of your stay. Nicotine replacement therapy is available.

You are not allowed to smoke in your room

Smoking or vaping is not allowed in your room. Every room is fitted with an alarm to keep you safe. These alarms can be activated by smoke or vapour. It is an offence to knowingly cause a false fire alarm and doing so will likely result in prosecution.

There will be times where you must remain in your room and cannot smoke

You will be tested for COVID-19 within 24 hours of your arrival into a managed isolation facility. You will be required to stay in your room until this test result is available. This means you will not be able to smoke or vape at all during this time.

Every facility has an area where you can smoke, although space may be limited

Designated smoking areas are provided in each facility, depending on available space. Some facilities require you to book a time to use the smoking and/or exercise area. This may mean the ability to use the smoking area is limited and you will not be able to smoke as often as you may like.

Support such as nicotine replacement therapy is available during your stay

Let staff know that you are a smoker or vaper when you arrive at the facility so that staff can provide you with the best support during your stay. Staff are being encouraged to provide anyone who is identified as a smoker or vaper when they arrive to a facility, with a seven day pack of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) lozenges.

NRT can help quickly relieve nicotine cravings when you may not be able to smoke or vape. NRT, including gum, patches and lozenges are available for free during your stay. 

You will receive an initial health check within the first 24 hours of your stay. During this health check you can discuss with the nurse any smoking support you may need as well as request the type of NRT that works best for you

Last updated: 20 May 2021