Returnee experiences of managed isolation

Many returnees have documented their time in managed isolation to share their experience. These links are shared to give you an idea of what to expect during your stay in MIQ.

Videos of some returnees experiences in MIQ

Note: Some processes and situations talked about in these videos have changed over time and there are variations between facilities.

The content in these videos is owned by each content creator, and they have given us permission to use it on this website. You can find more videos like this by searching for ‘MIQ experience’ on YouTube.

A family’s MIQ experience

The ‘336 Hours in MIQ’ blog post on the Kea website explains in detail what happened in one family’s MIQ experience.

336 Hours in MIQ(external link) – Kea website

What it's like inside a managed isolation facility

A returnee describes her MIQ experience in this article on the Stuff website.

From day 0 to day 14: What it's like inside a Covid-19 managed isolation facility – Stuff website(external link)

Last updated: 20 May 2021