Rules to follow during your stay

While you’re in isolation, it’s important to follow some basic rules to help you stay safe and healthy. Following these rules is a legal requirement.

Note: If you do not follow the rules, there may be consequences such as police action, additional time in isolation or fines up to $4000.

Movement outside your room is allowed only in a strictly controlled manner. Please respect and follow the protocols, guidance and directions of staff at your facility.

Stay in your room

You should stay in your room as much as possible during your stay. This will keep you and others safe from any exposure and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You must only open your door for an approved reason such as: 

  • to collect food, laundry or other deliveries
  • to put out rubbish/laundry
  • for medical appointments such as COVID-19 testing
  • to access fresh air or smoking areas at an approved time
  • in an emergency for example a fire or for safety reasons to avoid injury or to escape a risk of harm.
  • if you have a medical appointment
  • for your specified fresh air or smoking time. Your facility will inform you about how to book your scheduled time to access fresh air or smoking areas
  • in an emergency, for example a fire or for safety reasons to avoid injury or to escape a risk of harm.

Your door must remain closed at all other times.

Before you open the door

  • if you have windows or a balcony door in your room that are open, make sure they’re closed before you open the door. This will reduce the likelihood of air from your room being pushed into the corridors, which will help to keep staff and other returnees safe.
  • wash your hands and put on a medical mask and then proceed to open the door.

Wear medical masks

You must only wear single-use disposable masks that are provided to you by the Managed Isolation Facility. You cannot wear any masks you’ve brought with you. You must wear a mask before you open your door for any reason.

When you leave your room, you must always:

  • wear a medical face mask and wristband if you are given one
  • keep at least 2 metres away from anyone who isn’t in your bubble (your family or people staying in your room). 

Note: You must wear a mask before you open your door for any reason.

Firearms are prohibited

Firearms are prohibited in all facilities as per the Arms Act 1983. NZ Police will collect and store any firearms you may have and will work with you on when you can collect it after departure.

No visitors at the facility or your room

You must not have any visitors to your room or visit anyone else’s room unless they are in your bubble. Family or friends outside this facility cannot visit you. Use the free Wi-Fi to stay in touch with them.

Do NOT share

You must not share:

  • lifts with anyone outside your bubble
  • items between rooms unless they are in your bubble. This includes children’s toys, paper, phones, chargers, food etc.
  • lighters, cigarettes, vaping or cigarette equipment.

This will keep you and others in the facility safe. If you come in contact with anybody who might be infectious, your stay in the facility might be extended.

Do not smoke or vape in your room

Smoking or the use of vaping or e-cigarette devices is not allowed inside your room. Your room has a smoke alarm that can be activated by dust, steam, smoke and other fumes and vapours. Knowingly causing a false fire alarm can result in prosecution.

You are only allowed to smoke in a designated smoking area provided in the facility. Use of the smoking area, and the length of time you can spend in it, may be limited, depending on space. If needed, your facility will tell you the scheduled times for smoking or how to book a slot.

While smoking in a designated smoking

  • Keep 2 metres distance from others not in your bubble.
  • Sanitise your hands before you remove your mask and after you put that mask or a replacement mask back on.
  • DO NOT share cigarettes, lighters or vaping/e-cigarette equipment.
  • Put out your cigarette/s and dispose of them in designated bins.
  • Only remove your face mask to smoke.

Delivery of food, goods and alcohol

You cannot leave the facility, but you can have items delivered to your facility – this includes food, alcohol or personal packages. You cannot send any packages to your family or friends. No illegal or items that present health and safety risk are allowed.

If staff believe that your delivery contains any items that present a health and safety risk, they may ask for proof that it is safe. If you do have an item that presents a health and safety risk, the facility can hold this for you until you depart or return it to the sender.


You can only order reasonable quantities of alcohol for personal consumption. Please drink responsibly, be considerate of other people and staff in this facility and ensure your behaviour is appropriate.

You must be able to respond to staff or an emergency (such as a fire evacuation) as well as follow instructions such as wearing masks and, maintaining physical distancing rules – alcohol may affect your ability to keep you and others safe.

Please note, it may not be possible to order alcohol from some food and beverage delivery services as they may require proof of ID to complete your delivery. All deliveries must be to the facility and you cannot meet any delivery personnel and provide any proof. So please factor this when you make your purchase.

For more information on, Ministry of Health guidelines for recommended quantities of alcohol consumption, see the information page:

Low-risk alcohol drinking advice(external link) —

If you have more than this the recommended amount of alcohol  delivered, with the intention of consuming it over a number of days, your delivery will be held by staff and provided to you over your stay. 

If you or those in your bubble need support and treatment to reduce their alcohol intake, call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797. 

Keep up healthy habits

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with tissues. Put tissues in a bin immediately, then wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe. Wash often with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your face, including your eyes, nose or mouth, if your hands are not clean. Using hand sanitiser is also effective at killing germs and viruses.
Last updated: 01 April 2022