Returnee survey results

The Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) Experience Survey – Uiui mō te Wheako Noho Taratahi a te Kāwanatanga (MIQ) asks for feedback from people staying in all MIQ facilities in New Zealand.

The survey went live in May 2021 and helps us understand what is working well, and where we could make improvements. The survey asks questions about each stage of the returnee journey, from planning their travel through travel, arrival in New Zealand and their time in the facility itself.

Data for the month of October 2021

People staying at MIQ report an overall positive experience, with the overwhelming majority of people staying at MIQ reporting that they feel safe, are being treated well and are well informed about their stay. Some people also tell us that they are unhappy with the cost of MIQ and that some had difficulties with the usability of the booking system.

The response rate in October is considered very good at 57%. 

About the survey in October

  • Overall experience: 66% positive responses
  • Response rate: 57%
  • Responses: 2433

Satisfaction by journey phase

  • Satisfied with MIQ while planning travel to New Zealand: 72% positive responses
  • While travelling to New Zealand: 78% positive responses
  • While arriving at MIQ: 80% positive responses
  • While staying at MIQ: 86% positive responses

Satisfaction with communications

  • Information on the MIQ website: 76% satisfied
  • MIAS Portal (booking system): 69% satisfied
  • General information before and during their stay at MIQ: 83% satisfied

Satisfaction with pastoral care

  • Felt safe: 91% positive responses
  • Wellbeing needs met: 80% positive responses
  • Treated with respect: 91% positive responses
  • Treated fairly: 91% positive responses

Highest ranked questions

  • Did you feel safe while in managed isolation or quarantine? (91% positive responses)
  • Overall, did staff treat you with respect while you were in managed isolation or quarantine? (91% positive responses)
  • Was it clear to you why you were placed into quarantine rather than isolation? (90% positive responses)

Lowest ranked questions

  • I was able to book accommodation on the MIAS close to the time I wanted to travel (50% positive responses)
  • The Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS) was easy to use (57% positive responses)
  • The MIQ website was easy to use (67% positive responses)


  • 26% positive comments
  • 40% neutral comments
  • 34% negative comments

A sample of positive comments from October

“The NZDF, security and hotel staff did everything they could to accommodate all needs within the parameters.”

“The process through flight check in to the end of MIQ has been efficient and hassle free.”

“The food was good. Some one added art on to the paper bags containing breakfast every morning. Nice thought.”

“Overall it has been a very polished process and the staff have been friendly. The team were able to provide support when needed, such getting an extra chair for the room or providing a jigsaw puzzle to help with boredom. The room had high speed internet, which helped a lot with our sanity.”

Last updated: 22 November 2021