Returnee survey results

The Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) Experience Survey – Uiui mō te Wheako Noho Taratahi a te Kāwanatanga (MIQ) asks for feedback from people staying in all MIQ facilities in New Zealand.

The survey went live in May 2021 and helps us understand what is working well, and where we could make improvements. The survey asks questions about each stage of the returnee journey, from planning their travel through travel, arrival in New Zealand and their time in the facility itself.

Data for the month of July 2021

People staying at MIQ report an overall positive experience, with the overwhelming majority of people staying at MIQ reporting that they feel safe, are being treated well and are well informed about their stay. Some people also tell us that they had difficulties obtaining an accommodation voucher and with the usability of the booking system.

The response rate in July is considered very good at 57%. 

About the survey in July

  • Overall experience: 74% positive responses
  • Response rate: 57%
  • Responses: 2431

Satisfaction by journey phase

  • Satisfied with MIQ while planning travel to New Zealand: 75% positive responses
  • While travelling to New Zealand: 81% positive responses
  • While arriving at MIQ: 81% positive responses
  • While staying at MIQ: 87% positive responses

Satisfaction with communications

  • Information on the MIQ website: 76% satisfied
  • MIAS Portal (booking system): 69% satisfied
  • General information before and during their stay at MIQ: 83% satisfied

Satisfaction with pastoral care

  • Felt safe: 94% positive responses
  • Wellbeing needs met: 83% positive responses
  • Treated with respect: 93% positive responses
  • Treated fairly: 92% positive responses

Highest ranked questions

  • Did you feel safe while in managed isolation or quarantine? (94% positive responses)
  • When you arrived at the quarantine facility, did you receive detailed information about the facility and the rules and expectations for your time in quarantine? (95% positive responses)
  • Were you/was your group treated respectfully by staff when you were told about the positive COVID-19 diagnosis? (94% positive responses)

Lowest ranked questions

  • I was able to book accommodation on the MIAS close to the time I wanted to travel (53% positive responses)
  • The Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS) was easy to use (69% positive responses)
  • The information on the website made me feel well prepared for staying in MIQ (70% positive responses)


  • 32% positive comments
  • 32% neutral comments
  • 36% negative comments

A sample of positive comments from July

“It was a very nice surprise with the food quality and choices available!! This was the highlight of the 14 days. I looked forward to each meal, everyday. Everything was very delicious and I really appreciated being able chose a healthy meal when I wanted to. And all well presented too! (I received the wrong breakfast 3 times but didn't complain as it was pretty good anyway and believe the staff was busy enough already) The room was nice and spacious and the balcony was such a nice surprise! Thank you”

“Everything was great. The Defence personnel, the hotel staff and the random NZ Police and service officers from other policing agencies were fantastic. Everyone is professional, kind, nice, pleasant and helpful. I can not say enough good things about these men and women and the service that was provided. My overall experience under managed isolation has been exceptional.”

“Staff were amazing at the facility. We have really enjoyed our time here if that is at all possible in MIQ. Food was amazing and we all got a bit chubby; Yard time was brilliant to work off the bellies and breathe in our clean NZ air; Staff were always so helpful and kind when we called front desk. We had 5 teenagers and the room set up with our 2 bubbles was perfect.”

“The whole process starting from the airport to getting to our hotel was incredibly smooth. It was safe, though out and easier than normal travel. When traveling from Auckland to Christchurch, as a family and being pregnant this was no extra stress at all. They looked after families and we were able to get to our hotel quickly. The staff were so organised, instructions clear and there was plenty of food. Our room has been incredible and we have really enjoyed our experience. Cannot fault the process at all and we are incredibly thankful for this!”

Last updated: 06 September 2021