Leaving isolation

Advice on when you will be able to leave managed isolation and your transport home afterwards.

When can you leave managed isolation?

You are required to stay in the isolation facility for a minimum of 14 days. This starts from the time and date you arrive in New Zealand.

For example if you arrived at 11am New Zealand time (NZT) on 1 January, your departure time and date will be 11am NZT on 15 January after you complete a full 14 days of isolation. The day you arrive is counted as ‘Day zero’.

Departure times will be confirmed by staff towards the end of your stay.

Note: In almost all cases, you cannot leave a facility unless you have a negative COVID-19 test and confirmation from a Medical Officer of Health or a Health Protection Officer that you are a low risk of having or transmitting COVID-19.

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What to prepare before leaving

Your travel home at the end of your stay is at your own expense and organised by you.

Our onsite support team will work with you to confirm your travel arrangements. Staff will ask you for details about your onward travel plans and where you will be staying after you leave the facility. This information will be required within the first 4 days of your arrival.

If you need help with accommodation, they can support you with making arrangements.

Have a travel plan in place

It’s important you are clear about where you will go when you’ve completed your stay. On-site staff will call you to discuss your travel plans during your stay. To assist with this call, we encourage you to start thinking about your departure, where you are going and how you will get there.

Welcome pack - Appendix 2 Discussing your travel plans

Be clear about where you will go next and how you’ll get there

This helps organise your check-out and better support you during your departure. Please help us to contact you in future, if necessary, by ensuring the contact details (email, phone, address etc.) are current and correct.

If you live in, or close to, the same city that you are isolating in, you will need to arrange and pay for your own transport from the facility to your next accommodation.

If you are unable to organise your travel, please contact the on-site staff for advice.

Transport back to the airport is available

If you are departing from a facility in Auckland, Skybus tickets are free on request to take you to the Auckland airport. Please note that you will need to organise your own way to the nearest Skybus stop.

If you landed in Auckland but you completed your isolation in another city, we will transport you back to the Auckland airport, unless you indicate otherwise. You will be responsible for arranging and paying for any onward travel from the airport.

It is important that your travel plans are firm before our team books your flight back to Auckland. Flight bookings cannot be changed once they are made (unless in an emergency or due to a flight cancellation).

When you leave

Make sure you have all your luggage with you. Comply with the public health measures indicated in your departure letter. You are required to wear a face mask while on any public transport including flights.

Keep the on-site team informed if your accommodation or travel plans change at any stage during your stay.

Ensure your post-departure contact details are correct. This helps us contact you after leaving the facility for your post-departure health check and continue to keep you and our communities safe.

Final health check before you can leave the facility

In almost all cases, a negative day 12 COVID-19 test and confirmation from a health practitioner that you are a low risk of having or transmitting COVID-19 are needed before you can leave.

Low risk of having or transmitting COVID-19 includes confirming you have:

  • Been in managed isolation for at least 14 days
  • No symptoms consistent with COVID-19, which can include fever, sore throat, cough, or difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
  • You do not have a temperature of 38°C or higher
  • In almost all cases, tested negative for COVID-19 on day 12

You must meet these criteria to leave the facility. Upon completing your 14-day isolation period and your final health assessment, you will need to complete a Final Health Check Form. A nurse will help you with this and sign it off.

You will receive a letter confirming you have completed managed isolation and will be allowed to travel to your next destination as per your agreed travel plans.

When preparing to exit your room please follow your facility’s information sheet or call reception to see what you can do to help prepare your room to be cleaned.

If you refuse a day 12 COVID-19 test or are not considered a low risk, your stay will be extended and you may not be allowed to leave the facility. You can be required to stay up to a total of 28 days.

We may also extend your stay if any cases are detected in the facility that require further investigation.

This is to reduce the risk of COVID-19 getting out into the community.

Last updated: 14 September 2021