Isolation facilities

All facilities used for isolation and quarantine are carefully selected and closely monitored to keep New Zealand safe.

Managed isolation or quarantine facilities are not open for other guests or the general public.

Managed isolation facilities are used exclusively for people who have returned from overseas and are at risk of having COVID-19.

Criteria for isolation facilities

New Zealand has managed isolation and quarantine facilities located throughout the country. Facilities are located within hotels.

Full list of all managed isolation and quarantine facilities

Staying in a managed isolation facility

All facilities meet these criteria:

  • Appropriate security and entry/exit points
  • Suitable room and bathroom facilities
  • Adequate provision of food and drink delivered to rooms
  • Safe laundry protocols
  • Ability to ensure people's wellbeing through the provision of online access and services.

Cleaning and infection prevention

All facilities have measures in place to keep communities, staff and guests safe.

All surfaces and common areas, which includes lifts, along with hallways, stairwells, lobby/reception areas and other areas are regularly cleaned.

Cleaning is done with hospital-grade detergents/disinfectant in order to reduce as much as possible the risk of potential transmission.

Each facility has a plan in place to ensure guests and staff can move around in a way that minimises and/or eliminates the potential infection risk to others in the facility, including the use of lifts, stairwells and common areas.

Each facility also has an infection prevention control training program in place to provide education to all staff. This includes comprehensive information and guidance on keeping themselves and their families safe.

MIQ hotel contracts

All managed isolation facilities (MIFs) are currently contracted to 31 July 2021.

Managed isolation and quarantine facilities - Operations framework

Document outlining the minimum health and wellbeing requirements that managed isolation and quarantine facilities must meet.

Operations framework – Managed isolation and quarantine facilities [PDF, 3.8 MB]

Last updated: 06 January 2022