Services in your facility

Although this facility is based in a hotel, it is not functioning as a hotel usually would. There are some basic services that these facilities provide.


The following services will be available for you to use.


Your breakfast, lunch and dinner will be delivered and placed outside your door. Any additional food will need to be paid for.

Let the on-site team know if you have any food allergies or medical conditions that require special diets.

We will do our best to meet any dietary requirements, however we may not be able to accommodate all your preferences. There may be online options to order food and have it delivered to you. Talk to the on-site team about local delivery options.

It is safe to drink the tap water. All travellers staying in a facility can drink water straight from the tap. It is important to stay hydrated during your stay.

Māori pharmacists free phone line

Ngā Kaitiaki o Te Puna Rongoā o Aotearoa – the Māori Pharmacists Association (MPA) has a free phone line to answer questions that kaumātua or whānau may have about their medicines.

Talk to the on-site health staff if you need urgent medical advice.

Medical care

A team of health professionals are always available at your facility. If you feel unwell, contact the health team of the facility to arrange for a health check. The on-site staff will also be able to assist with any medication and prescription requirements.

If you feel unwell, need urgent medical care or are showing COVID-19 symptoms, stay in your room and phone the on-site team (reception, nursing team or the Site Manager).

In-room telephone services (landlines) and wi-fi

Internal calling, between rooms and for hotel services, is free.

The hotel landline phone for outside calls is charged at hotel rates (per minute).

Talk to facility staff to enable the service.

Wi-Fi is free. We suggest using internet-based calling apps like FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsApp and other similar apps if you want to avoid telephone in-room charges.

CCTV in MIQ facilities

For your safety, CCTV may be in operation within your facility. The CCTV cameras are located in all public areas and stairwells. Cameras are not installed in any guest rooms. Your privacy will be protected at all times during your stay.

Translation services

If you require an interpreter, please talk to the on-site team and they can arrange this for you.

Cleaning and laundry

Facility staff cannot enter your room, this will keep you and our staff safe. You will be given some basic cleaning products so you can clean your room.

Laundry services are available during your stay. Fresh towels and sheets will be provided on request (these will be left in front of your door). Please read your facility information sheet for details on rubbish, laundry and linen services.

Smoke alarms

Your room has a smoke alarm to keep you safe. Smoke alarms can be activated by dust, steam, smoke and other fumes and vapours. It is an offence to knowingly cause a false fire alarm, and doing so may result in prosecution.

You must not:

  • touch smoke alarms
  • smoke, vape or cook in your room
  • overload power points
  • use any flame or heating element not approved by the on-site team
  • place towels or flammable materials on heaters to dry.

If the fire alarm activates, follow the evacuation procedure and listen to the instructions of facility staff and management. Remember to stay 2 metres away from others and wear a mask during any evacuation.

Delivery of food and goods

You cannot leave the facility, but you can have items delivered to your facility – this includes food or personal packages.

Deliveries cannot contain any illegal items or items that present a health and safety risk. This includes electrical cooking appliances, gas cookers, candles, heaters, toasters, grill top ovens, items with naked flames, and combustibles. If staff believe that your delivery contains any items that present a health and safety risk they may ask for proof that it is safe.

If you do have an item that presents a health and safety risk, the hotel can hold this for you until you depart or return it to the sender.

You cannot send any packages to your family or friends.

Alcohol deliveries are allowed

Only reasonable quantities can be ordered for personal consumption. Please drink responsibly, be considerate of other people and staff in this facility and ensure your behaviour is appropriate. You must be able to respond to staff or an emergency (such as a fire evacuation) as well as follow PPE and physical distancing rules – alcohol may affect your ability to keep you and others safe.

The Ministry of Health guidelines recommend no more than two standard drinks a day for women (no more than 10 standard drinks a week) and three standard drinks a day for men (no more than 15 standard drinks a week).

For more information, please visit:

Low-risk alcohol drinking advice(external link) —

We limit delivery of alcohol per adult (18 or over), per day to:

  • 6, 330ml cans of beer (6 to 9 standard drinks), or
  • one bottle of wine (7 to 8 standard drinks), or
  • four pack, up to 330ml each, of RTDs (7 to 8 standard drinks)
  • deliveries of spirits will not be accepted.

If you have more than this delivered, with the intention of consuming it over a number of days, your delivery will be held by staff and provided to you over your stay.

If you or those in your bubble need support and treatment to reduce their alcohol intake, call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797.

Help is always available

If you need assistance for anything, please contact the reception using the phone in your room. Someone is available 24 hours a day.

Your on-site health and wellbeing teams are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you. Please reach out to them via the phone in your room if you begin to worry about you or your whānau’s physical or mental wellbeing or have any specific health needs.

You can also access a mental health clinician at your facility with the support of your on-site nursing team if needed.

Do not leave your room to visit the reception desk.

Last updated: 14 November 2021