The Swiss Cheese Model for Managed Isolation and Quarantine

This model uses cheese slices to demonstrate how no single layer of protection is perfect at preventing the spread of Covid-19. However, when all layers are combined they act as an effective barrier, protecting our returnees, workers and the wider community.

miq swiss cheese model 2000px

Adapted from Ian M. Mackay and James T. Reason.

The barriers provided by MIQ

Personal responsibilities in MIQ   

  • Maintain 2m physical distancing
  • Pre departure testing
  • Washing and drying hands or using hand sanitiser
  • Wear a medical mask before opening the door and whilst outside your room
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbows
  • Stay in your room unless on scheduled fresh air or smoking time or in an emergency
  • Report any symptoms
  • Have regular COVID-19 tests during your stay
  • Provide up-to-date post departure contact details

Managed isolation responsibilities

  • Cohorting of arrivals
  • Regular cleaning of lifts and touch points
  • Report any bubble breaches
  • Staff wear PPE, and frequently wash or sanitise hands
  • Regular health and wellbeing checks
  • All shared areas deep cleaned if a positive case is identified
  • All areas cleaned before and after a new group arrives
  • Staff vaccinated
  • Frequent staff COVID testing

Responsibilities when you leave

  • Final health checks before exiting the facility
  • Post departure health check by Ministry of Health
Last updated: 14 November 2021