Guide to the customer portal

Information about the customer portal and how to use it.

What is the customer portal

The customer portal is the online platform where you can apply for a New Zealand MIQ exemption, emergency allocation request or fee waiver. All forms are now online, so you can save an application in draft and return to it. You can also keep track on the status of your application(s).

Note: your customer portal login is different from your Managed Isolation Allocation System login that you use to book a MIQ voucher. You can use the same details for each, but you will need to login separately to each system.

Making a complaint

You can lodge a compliment/complaint from within the customer portal. You can also do this from the complaints procedure page or contact us page outside of the portal.

Complaints procedure page

Contact us

How to register in the customer portal

If you have not already registered for the customer portal you will need to sign up.

Click on the portal link and then select ‘Sign up now’ and follow the prompts.

Once you’ve done this you can login at any time to complete your saved draft applications, or to check on the status of your submitted applications.

Save or bookmark the customer portal login page

To easily get back to the customer portal once you've made an application we recommend that you save it as a bookmark:

From the customer portal login page, click in your browser and save the page as a favourite or a bookmark.

Can't see your application?

Only those applications created on or after 24 May 2021 can be seen in the customer portal summary.

If your application was made on or after this date, check if it is still in draft. If you still can't find it, please contact the MBIE Contact Centre on +64 4 931 5720 if you’re overseas (rates will apply), or 0800 476 647 if you’re in New Zealand (calls are free).

Applying for an exemption, emergency allocation request or fee waiver for someone else

To apply on behalf of someone else you'll need to create your own profile in the customer portal first. You can then add them to your profile as an applicant (or ‘traveller’). Once you've added them to your profile you can create a new application and add them to it.

We won't be able to discuss another person's application with you but you can check the status of an application that you have submitted on behalf of someone else by logging into the customer portal. 

Accessing your draft applications

From the customer portal homepage, click the link ‘Resume a draft exemption application’ under the relevant application e.g. Exemptions, Emergency allocation request or Fee waiver.

Note: Once a draft has been made it cannot be deleted. While it is in draft it has not been submitted.

Last updated: 01 June 2021