Managed Isolation Allocation System reverts back to self-service

Published: 02 March 2022

In light of reduced demand for MIQ rooms, the Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS) will revert back to a self-service model effective Wednesday 2 March.

This means there will be no more room releases through the virtual lobby.

The government announced this week that it was removing the self-isolation requirements for vaccinated travellers to New Zealand, enabling Kiwis to come here from the rest of the world sooner. However, rooms will still be available to book in the system at any time for the expected small numbers of travellers who need to go through MIQ when arriving in New Zealand.

Travellers will be able to log in at any time, select their travel dates, see if MIQ rooms are available, and secure a voucher for their preferred date.

Any vouchers not confirmed within 48 hours of booking will immediately be released back into the system, instead of being held back for a lobby release.

The lobby system was introduced when demand for MIQ rooms was significantly higher than supply. It made the booking process more transparent, created a more level playing field for people trying to access the booking site, and meant that people did not need to be constantly refreshing the website.

Now that demand for rooms is significantly less, the virtual lobby is no longer needed.

People who need to book a room

Travellers from anywhere in the world who are unvaccinated, do not have proof of vaccination, or are not fully vaccinated with approved vaccines for entry into New Zealand must enter MIQ. This includes people who have a vaccine exemption. More information can be found on the Unite Against COVID website.

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