All MIQ workers fully vaccinated

Published: 11 June 2021

All work in Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities is now being undertaken by workers who are fully vaccinated. The Government introduced the requirement under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021.

Joint Head of Managed Isolation and Quarantine, Brigadier Jim Bliss, said this has been a significant undertaking for MIQ and New Zealand’s vaccination programme.

“MIQ staff have now supported more than 143,000 people to safely cross the border to life in New Zealand. Having a fully vaccinated MIQ workforce provides a significant layer of protection to keep them, their whānau and our communities safe.” 

“On any given day there are around 4,500 people working in our 31 facilities from over 300 different employers and it was a real team effort. We are all proud to reach this milestone. 

“On the 5th of June there were a handful of workers (less than 0.25%) who had not yet had their second vaccination for good reasons, and we are actively following those up with employers. They won’t be working in MIQ facilities in the meantime.

“There were 11 workers unable or unwilling to get vaccinated and they will be discussing their options with their employer. These are individual employment discussions for employers to have with their employees. Throughout this process MIQ has supported them with assistance from the Ministry for Social Development to explore other employment options. 

“Around 75 new workers who commenced employment after 1 May have all had their first dose of the vaccine and, in accordance with the Order, will be getting their second dose within 35 days of the start date,” Brigadier Bliss said. 

To keep workers protected and our communities safe from transmission, all workers, contractors and visitors have to provide proof of vaccination each time they enter a facility. Anyone who doesn’t meet these requirements will not be permitted into a facility. 

Evidence of vaccination includes a purple DHB issued Covid-19 Vaccine record card, green COVID-19 MIQ vaccine Certificate, or letter confirmation from GP or through ManageMyHealth. Once the person's vaccination status and photo ID has been checked, they must sign in via WhosOnLocation and will be subject to the required testing Order.