Managed Isolation and Quarantine capacity

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Capacity in Managed Isolation and Quarantine is measured in rooms rather than beds as regardless of how many beds are in a room it can only hold one bubble.

The total room capacity in our managed isolation facilities is 4,500 rooms per 18-20 day cycle. The introduction of quarantine-free travel to Australia has reduced that capacity to 4,000 rooms. As part of managing any potential changes to quarantine-free travel, an additional 500 rooms per 18-20 day cycle (on top of MIQ’s usual operating contingency) are being held back.

The introduction of cohorting means when looking at room availability, we need to consider an 18-20 day period as opposed to room occupancy on any single day. A cohorting cycle can be between 18-20 days – this accounts for the 4 days of infill, the 14 days isolation for the returnees and 1-2 days to clean before the next cohort.

On average, cohorting is reducing room availability by 15%.

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The Managed Isolation and Quarantine system has a contingency of around 400 rooms built in for emergencies or if a facility becomes temporarily unavailable and is not able to accept new arrivals. The system is designed with this in mind and it is safe and manageable.

Last updated: 11 August 2021