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We have 31 facilities in 5 regions. There are currently no plans to establish managed isolation or quarantine facilities in any other locations.

A key constraint on adding new facilities is the essential workforce who care for returnees. We need nurses, defence personnel and police to run these facilities, and this is a limited workforce. In addition to workforce supply issues, there are a number of complex issues that need to be considered when operating in a Level 4 environment. This includes the limited number of suitable facilities that are in locations where there is also a suitable hospital facility and proximity to appropriate transport hubs.

The main challenge with shifting facilities into more remote locations is the impact it would have on staffing. It would require thousands of workers, such as nurses, healthcare assistants, cleaners, aviation security staff, MBIE staff, hotel staff and others having to willingly move there to work. In addition, they would also have to be housed somewhere so it would create significant logistical problems.

Any future decisions on increasing the number of Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities will need to be made by Cabinet.

Quarantine facilities

Of the 31 Managed Isolation and Quarantine Facilities, one of these (Jet Park in Auckland) is a dedicated quarantine facility, four facilities in Wellington and Christchurch) are ‘dual-use’ facilities.

With the dual-use facilities, the quarantine zone(s) of the facility are kept separate from the managed isolation zones, such as a separate quarantine floor or wing of a building.

Wellington and Christchurch dual-use facilities:

  • Grand Mecure, Wellington
  • Chateau on the Park, Christchurch
  • Commodore Airport Hotel, Christchurch
  • Sudima Hotel Christchurch Airport

There are 239 rooms specifically designated for quarantine - 200 in Auckland, 10 in Wellington and 29 in Christchurch. Additional rooms for quarantine can be made available as part of MIQ’s contingency planning.

MIQ works closely with the Ministry of Health and is constantly monitoring the demand for quarantine in our facilities. There are contingency plans in place if we see a jump in positive cases returning to the country that demand an additional quarantine capacity.

All Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities operate in a Level 4 environment and all workers follow strict infection prevention controls developed by the Ministry of Health to manage the risks of spreading COVID-19. Quarantine facilities have increased health, safety, and cleaning measures, and additional restrictions on movements.

Living wage

We are very pleased that all 31 of our facilities pay the living wage to their workers, in line with the government's priority to improve conditions for New Zealand workers.

Last updated: 01 July 2021