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On 10 March 2022 the Government announced that with our borders opening, 28 of the current 32 facilities will return to being hotels by the end of June.

The 4 remaining MIQ facilities will have their contract extended beyond 30 June 2022. 

The de-designation and decommissioning process

From 11 March the de-designation and then decommissioning process for 20 facilities got underway. 

De-designation will see 20 facilities cease operation. This allows maintenance to occur and removes the legislative requirements for workers to be vaccinated and tested.

Following this, as part of the decommissioning process MIQ will ensure the facilities are safe and operationally fit for purpose to enable them to return to operating as a standard hotel. This will include removing any MBIE owned equipment the hotel no longer wants on site and/or work to remediate temporary changes to the building and facilities. 

While MIQ is winding down, it will still play a role in the community and at the border. For this reason, prior to 30 June 2022, 8 facilities will remain as part of our network. They will provide managed isolation and quarantine for unvaccinated travellers, refugees, community cases and special groups.

From the end of June, 4 facilities, 3 based in Auckland and 1 in Christchurch, will remain as part of our network. 

Support for staff

MIQ has always operated in a rapidly changing environment. This is a significant change, and our priority will continue to be to support staff over the coming weeks throughout this transition period. 

Around 2,835 staff from several agencies work at the facilities that will no longer take any returnees.

These facilities have been a valued part of our managed isolation and quarantine network. MIQ would like to thank the management and staff of all facilities for their professionalism, care, and attention in looking after returnees.

We will continue to work closely with all facilities and staff to ensure a smooth transition.

See the full list outlining the future of the 32 facilities which make up the MIQ network:

Facility locations

Last updated: 14 March 2022