Cleaning and infection prevention

Information on this page can be attributed to a managed isolation and quarantine spokesperson.

Managed Isolation and Quarantine takes the safety of workers and their families, whānau and broader communities very seriously.

All Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities continue to operate in an environment with conditions similar to what was in place for Alert Level 4 and all staff follow strict infection prevention controls developed by the Ministry of Health to manage the risks of spreading COVID-19.

This includes comprehensive information and guidance to staff on keeping themselves and their families safe, including: PPE use such as masks and gloves, basic hygiene practices, infection prevention and control protocols, hotel and facility procedures, and daily health checks.

They undergo daily health checks and have access to nursing staff who are on-site 24/7 and if staff are unwell they are advised not to come to work, notify their team leader and self-isolate. There is a programme of regular staff testing to ensure any transmission within a facility is caught early.

Staff who work in our facilities are encouraged to wear home clothes and shoes to work and to change into work clothes and wipeable work shoes. Staff are also advised to keep sanitiser in their car or bag and use on entry. In addition it is recommended they leave their personal phone in bag in staff areas and avoid taking personal items into returnee areas.

When staff return home they are encouraged to wear home clothes and shoes home, wash their work clothes and refrain from hugging loved ones until after they have wash and dried hands and arms, or taken a shower.

Workers in managed isolation and quarantine facilities are also given guidance on keeping themselves, families, whānau and broader community safe, including asking them to keep records of their movements and close contacts (just like all New Zealanders).

With all these precautions in place, the risks have been assessed as minimal, so they and their partners/spouses and children can follow their normal routines including social interaction, depending on any current restrictions.

Managed Isolation and Quarantine work closely with the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards to regularly assess infection prevention controls to ensure the safety of staff and the community.

Last updated: 20 January 2022